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Pulse Reverse Osmosis
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Publications presently in press from The Osmosis Unit

The following are research papers produced by The Osmosis Unit and presently in press.

bulletKindlenís Physiology, Churchill Livingston, 2003 Chapter 14 Fluid and electrolytes, Chapter 14

This chapter gives the background to fluid and electrolyte therapy and how this relates to Pulse Reverse Osmosis. This book is scheduled for general release in September 2003.

bulletChanges in pulse rate, plasma osmotic pressure and blood pressure during simulated dives. Prior FGR, Pimlott J Stuchbury V, and Bryson P,   Submitted to ASEM 2003

This paper describes the first of a number of diving experiments where we measured colloid osmotic pressure changes during diving. This may give a better insight into the development of the bends

bulletAlcoholic fixation of blood to surgical instruments- a possible factor in the surgical transmission of CJD? Prior FGR, Fernie K, Renfrew A, Heneaghan G. Submitted to Journal of Hospital Infection 2003

The Osmosis Unit has been working with Trust Sterile Services, a surgical instrument cleaning company to develop a protein cleaning test. As part of this research consultancy the observation that alcohol glues blood onto surgical instruments was noted.  This paper highlights the significance of this on surgical transmission of CJD.  


Publications on PRO

bulletThe following is a bibliography of research papers published on PRO to date.


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