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Pulse Reverse Osmosis

Projects Undertaken by the Osmosis Unit

From invention to prototype


We offer medical invention assistance where research, intellectual property protection, and prototype production are required to turn a healthcare idea into a prototype. This can include design of targeted research leading to the development of a new prototype product or service.

Projects undertaken to date include;

1 Development of Electro-Elution, a method to remove and destroy prion (PRPsc) from stainless steel surgical instruments to prevent surgical transmission of CJD between neurosurgical patients (Trust Sterile Services and the Neuropathogensis Unit in Edinburgh).

2 Development of the Bug scanner, a device for rapid culture and identification of bacteria including MRSA (FTN analytic).

3 Development of the "Disk Cleaning Test" for the quality control of surgical instrument cleaning (Trust sterile services, Bellshill, Lanarkshire)

4 Development of a once daily, large volume, postoperative IV infusion system. Baseline bags (Scottish National Health Service)

5 Development of a prototype visible stethoscope (Euclid Healthcare)

6 Design, equipping and assay design for a water testing laboratory (Clearwater international).

7 Identification of fluid shifts occurring during pressurisation in the human body (Deep Diving Research Centre, Plymouth)

8 Formulation of an isotonic, non alcoholic antibacterial cleaning wipe Isotonic wipes (Shiloh medical)


If you have a healthcare problem that you believe could be turned into a product but need some assistance  contact Dr Frank Prior at


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